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For Creatives

We help artists turn their talents into careers. 
  1. Become a Network Member

  2. The Knowledge Pool

  3. Paid for services

Become a Network Member: 

Sign up to be added to our database and when a client comes our way who’s looking for the types of services that you offer, we’ll connect you to them, and facilitate the relationship in a way that ensures you get paid what you deserve, and helps you to navigate the trickier, more admin parts of the client engagement.


Click HERE to apply to be a Network Member

The Knowledge Pool:
Learn From Us

Training and Development is a huge part of who we are. We’ve created a number of ways to help creatives grow, these include:

  • The Creators Guide: A YouTube series filled with educational content on how to navigate the business side of the creative industries.

  • Open source online content that aims to provide creatives with bite sized tips, tricks and industry knowledge.

  • Blog: Our blog is filled with how-to guides and other content that creatives can use to upskill themselves.

  • Events: We host various events and networking opportunities for artists to learn and connect with each other.

Teach other creatives

Imparting knowledge is not only a great way to give back but also helps with establishing yourself as an expert in a certain field and acts as a great marketing tool. 


We encourage you to consider collaborating with us on any one of the above. You could be a speaker at our events, host an episode of The Creators Guide or work with us on a longer term basis to move the sector forward. Get in touch. 

Paid For Services:

Need help with professionalising your service offering or putting together a growth plan for your career? We can assist with:


  • Developing press kits

  • Professional photoshoots

  • Writing bios, website content etc

  • Putting business plans and high-level strategies together to help you grow your personal brand or arts business.

  • Creative consulting


Contact us for a quote

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