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Behind The Scenes of Butan Wear photoshoot: Summer 2017 Range

"Butan wear is deeply entrenched in the urban lifestyle and vibrant underground culture of South Africa’s streets. It is this fusion between cultural heritage and the present day experience that creates the unique look and feel of the brand.” – Founder of Butan, Julian Kubel

A few months ago Julian had approached us looking to book one of our Network’s most prestigious street & urban photographers, Hipebeast, who also happens to be the co-founder of THAT Network. Through multiple phone calls, emails and discussions it came to light that since Julian was travelling at the time and Butan being based up in Jozi, they needed a team in Cape Town to implement his ideas and oversee the project.

When Wayne and I started THAT Network earlier this year we knew that because we offer such a vast variety of services, we would need to draw the line somewhere to prevent us from taking on too much or stepping into realms that we didn’t understand, and so in May of 2017 we agreed that fashion was an industry we would stay out of, ironic right? But through this process we got to know Julian quite well and loved, not only the passion he had for his brand, but also his concept for this particular shoot. We couldn’t say no. (Also, I low-key thrive off Project Management so it was a no-brainer lol)

And so, it was set, Hipebeast X Butan X THAT Network. If you’ve seen some of the photos being put out so far, you’ll notice that this wasn’t just a typical fashion shoot, Butan wanted to capture a group of friends traveling from the city to “The Other Side of The Mountain”, with the theme being inspired by Hipebeast’s ability to capture raw and real elements of Cape Town, showcasing sometimes the truest forms of Cape culture.

With the theme set and a solid collaboration, we needed a team. Since this was THAT Network’s first fashion shoot and we were stepping into a new realm, I immediately knew we’d need someone to help with the fashion side of things, and someone who was good at what they do. Wayne’s a brilliant street photographer, but who would style the shoot, who would guide him on what details to capture?

I immediately reached out to Youth95, because I’d always been a fan of Reagan and Seraaj’s work on various brands such as Young & Lazy, Levi, Two Bop and of course their own. Reagan Paulsen came on board as the stylist and played a huge role on the fashion side of things. When it came to models and make-up artist, Mikayla Isaacs, the production assistant for this project, and many other THAT Network projects, came through with Cleo Ames, who did a brilliant job on the models.

The models were Danialle Merchant, Postman L and Zain Wolf. Even though they had never met before the shoot day, their energy on set was electric and about half an hour in, it truly became a journey of friends.

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Client: Butan Wear

Production manager and BTS photos: Shakirah_Sky Production Assistant: Mikayla Isaacs Photographer: Hipebeast Photography Stylist: Reagan Paulsen from Youth95 Make Up Artist: Cleo Ames Model 1: Danialle Merchant Model 2: Loyiso Nkwali, also a really talented rapper Model 3: Zail Wolf, also an insane DJ

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