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Here’s how we handled the creative side of SA Cocktail Week 2017

SA Cocktail Week is an annual week long cocktail festival which started off in Cape Town and soon has plans to expand throughout the country. I had met the founder, Maggie Mutangiri, in August of 2016 when she approached me to do some PR for her, something I offer in my personal capacity. The brand itself had grown tenfold from last year, and this time around they needed a lot more than just some PR.

We were lucky enough to be heavily involved in all their creative decisions and offered services such as Graphic Design, DJs, Photography, Sound Hire and Videography throughout 2017 and the build up to their event. It started off with a Media Launch at The Twankey Bar in September, where we provided a DJ, Sound Hire and a Photographer.

Apart from the evening of the media launch itself, we also designed the Media Invite, along with all their social media designs, print posters, flyers and some promotional videos for their entire 2017 campaign. This included designs for some other brands such as Tanqueray Gin, Bacardi and Arbikie.

Then came The Grand Opening, where our involvement was a bit more extensive and also included some event logistics. As far as creative and artistic services go, we provided Sound Hire, handled the DJ bookings and sourced a photographer to capture all the magical moments.

The Social Media aspect also required us to closely look at the media plan for the year and conceptualize the designs around the story that needed to be told and the importance of getting the information across. #SACW17 was a really intricate campaign because the event and its’ concept was so new it needed the visual aspect to do a lot of the explaining, while also not being too boring and complicated to understand from the consumer’s perspective.

To wrap it all up, we ended up once again providing some photography and music services at their Awards Evening on 11 November 2017.

Our collaboration with SA Cocktail Week is a perfect example of how we can save your brand time and money. It took a huge weight off the organizers shoulders to know that everything creative was taken care of with just one point of contact. Not only do we provide the service, but we’re able to offer advice and guidance on who and what would work out best for your specific project needs and budget. We took the time to understand our client’s goals and provided them with affordable and quality work which contributed to the overall success of the event. If you think our offering can add value to your work and you’d like to get in touch to find out how we can help your brand, please feel free to contact us for a quote or just to have a chat.

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