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Dynamic human wanted! We're hiring!

THAT Network is a small start-up based in Cape Town with a mission to become the most recognized brand for creative services & development within Africa in the next 5 years. My name is Shakirah & I’m the Founder, Director and currently the only full-time employee. Hopefully with your help – that will change very soon.

I’m introducing myself personally because I’m looking for someone who’s interested in growing with THAT Network, someone I can work with on a long-term basis & one day make my second in command. I’ve got years of experience, wearing many hats as a freelancer & entrepreneur which means that I will be able to closely mentor & guide any young person, giving them levels of experience, freedom & growth that they won’t be able to acquire at a bigger or more structured company.

It’s important that the candidate:

  1. Is charismatic, passionate & excited about the brand, the purpose we hope to serve and the problems we’re aiming to help solve in our country

  2. The ideal person must be willing to go the extra mile and be willing to learn new skills and do things that might be out of their job description. Since our company is still small and currently dabbles in many different parts of the media, creative and start-up space, some tasks may be unforeseen or pop up as projects & clients evolve.

  3. Ideally, I’m looking for someone who has an opinion/awareness about the current state of social and political affairs in our country, as this is a huge driving factor behind what we’re hoping to achieve at THAT Network.

  4. Someone who’s confident, well spoken, speaks their mind, thinks out of the box and has a willingness to learn, explore and tread in unchartered territory. Must take initiative!

  5. MUST have a natural love for and interest in social media and the online space. They must naturally notice trends, know what’s happening and be tuned into the South African market in particular. – THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE

  6. Have a natural and keen interest in the creative & artistic fields, such as dance, art, graffiti, fashion, music etc

  7. Creative, fresh, energetic and a must have a zest for life!

Technical requirements:

  • Have basic computer and office skills – email, word, excel, google docs, power point etc

  • Must be willing to do A LOT of research and reading

  • Must own a smart phone - owning your own laptop is not a requirement but definitely a benefit

  • Must be highly organized and on the ball with admin, reminders and managing many projects at the same time. You will be doing a lot of tedious work during busy times but this must not deter you!

  • Must be willing to travel to the Cape Town CBD for work, but also willing to work remotely if required.

  • Self-driven and accountable

  • Be willing to work in an ever-changing environment.

  • Must have a curious mind and the ability to envision things which do not yet exist. You’ll need to be able to let your curiosity drive you with an open mind.

  • It would be a bonus if you could speak more than one South African language

  • Formal education is not required for the right candidate but will count in your favour. Ie. If you’re the right person but don’t have matric or university, it won’t put me off.

Perks of the job

  • I will always encourage you to chase your own personal dreams and goals. If you have a side hustle, we can work together in a way that will still give you the time to be the best version of who you are.

  • I’m straight forward and I don’t have time for grudges, let’s work through our issues like grown-ups!

  • You’ll learn A LOT from me and have the opportunity to connect with my network.

  • Times and hours are flexible but this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the candidate.

To apply you can either:

  1. Send me a voice note or video of why this job appeals to you via THAT Network’s Instagram or Facebook page.


  1. Send me your CV/portfolio with an email explaining to me why this job appeals to you to

I look forward to growing with you!

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