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21 Day Creators Challenge: Meet The Creators

The #21daycreatorschallenge was created after the announcement of South Africa’s national 21 day lockdown, which would see creatives from all around the country being homebound - with more time on their hands than usual. The aim of the challenge is to encourage artists to use this period as an opportunity to finally complete the projects that they have been meaning to put out, with us holding them accountable, whilst also introducing them to a supportive community of creators who are also working on their own personal projects. All the creators who have completed their personal project by the end of the lockdown will be entered into a draw to win our Creators Accelerator Package worth R10 000. You can read more about the Creators Challenge here.

After putting out a call for interested and suitable creators, we began working with three talented creative professionals, each with their own unique personal project. In this post, we introduce you to these amazing individuals:

Laikin Adams - Photographer

Laikin is a Cape Town based wedding, portrait and events photographer who has been in the full-time business of capturing significant moments in people’s lives since 2013. She holds a BTech in Photography from the Cape Town University of Technology (CPUT), and this remains one her proudest achievements to date. She describes her love for photography as being a part of her soul; being unable to put down the camera even when she is off duty, she can be found capturing images of her surroundings during the normal course of her day, which she shares with her followers on her personal instagram page. Laikin’s projects for the #21daycreatorschallenge are to update her website and complete google marketing courses.

Darryn - Art Director

Darryn has been working in the film industry as an Art Director on commercials, music videos, series and features for over 12 years. With a background in graffiti and a degree in graphic design, Darryn’s biggest achievements to date are being a part of the team that shot the global ‘Right To Play and Plan’ campaign for child abuse that won a gold and silver award at the Louries, as well as art directing Toyota commercials for Toyota’s official Instagram account. He is passionate about the process of creating something cool out of nothing, and his project for the #21daycreatorschallange is to create a visual diary of South Africa’s national lockdown as a way to document it for future generations.

Curtis - Writer

Curtis is a Cape Town based Writer and Entrepreneur, who has been writing for the past four years. He has always had a love for reading and writing, and has always wondered what it would feel like to write his very own book; a piece that will hopefully transcend time. He lives by the philosophy of constantly striving for self-improvement - both in life and with regards to his writing. For the #21daycreatorschallange, Curtis aims to make significant progress in writing his sci-fi book about how fame and fortune can turn even the most purest of people into monsters.

With the extension of the lockdown, we are also giving creators another opportunity to join our Creators Challenge! Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity! You can find more information about the Creators Challenge here.

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