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Social Media Workshop for creatives in collaboration with Streetopia

Gone are the days when your art, and your art alone, was enough to catapult you to the highest heights of artistic success; the days when, as the aged-old saying goes, your art spoke for itself.

According to art curator, Kelly Heylen, “our bestselling exhibitions have without fail been those where the artist has a decent social media following, posts regularly, and engages in an authentic way with their followers.”

However, it does not end there. Social media has become so important that art curators, such as Kelly, now take an artist’s social media presence into consideration when deciding whose work they will exhibit in their gallery. And if you are thinking “phew, thank goodness I am not a visual artist”, this rule of thumb has now become the industry standard within the artistic and creative industries; from music to photography and even dance.

Now, we could spend the entire day conversing about the injustices (and opportunities?) perpetuated by this way of doing creative business (and we will definitely delve further into this topic in a future blog post), but the reality is that as things stand, mastering the art of speaking for your art in the age of social media has become extremely important.

With this in mind, and in line with our mission to “bridge the gap” and uplift artists who want to turn their talent into careers, THAT Network - in collaboration with Streetopia - will be hosting a FREE Social Media 101 Workshop for creatives. This workshop will not only give the people in the room a basic understanding of personal branding but will also kick off a series of workshops, talks and activations that aim to create growth opportunities for members of the creative community.

The workshop will offer a beginner’s guide to the online world for independent and aspiring creatives and will take place on 30 November 2019 from 10:30AM – 2:00PM in Lower Main Road, Observatory as part of the Streetopia festivities.

Streetopia is a free one-day event, organised and funded by AfrikaBurn in collaboration with residents & civic organisations based in Observatory, where the streets are filled with art, sculptures, mutant vehicles, performances and market stalls. You do not want to miss out on this one!

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