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Level Up: How to Host Your First Art Exhibition

Ever wondered how to plan and host a budget-friendly exhibition? On 31 May 2022 multi-talented artist, painter and curator Pia Truscott shared tips on how to do this during our first WhatsApp event of 2022. Here are a few of her top tips:

Art Galleries are all Around us

Art exhibitions do not always have to be in formal settings, you should have fun with it. Pia's very first exhibition was hosted in her parent's living room and the guest list consisted of friends, family and mutual friends. Interest grew as she kept hosting exhibitions, and this led to an increase in sales.

Accessibility is Crucial

Allowing your art to be accessible to all could benefit your art career in the long run- you never know who might be in the crowd. The art world is often seen as exclusionary. Pia encourages curators and artists to consider ways to make their exhibitions accessible to a wide audience and to create an environment that is welcoming to all. This could lead to you meeting like-minded artists who you can collaborate with, and build solid industry connections.

Consider Exhibiting Online

If you can't think of a venue to host your exhibition at, Pia suggests trying online. Using platforms like Google Sites to create a catalogue of your work. Find cool ways to build hype around your launch and cool ways to market it online.

We first met Pia during our work as course facilitators of the V&A Waterfronts Artist Alliance Programme in 2021. She was one of 12 talented graduates. Her main goal is to use her creativity and passion to create artwork that is easy to understand and accessible. Not only is her work visually stunning, but thought provoking too. Pia uses the materials that are usually thrown away as a way to make something beautiful out of what is normally considered trash. Her work reinforces the idea that there are no constraints when it comes to art, anything can be made into art.

Level Up Your Skills

We started these WhatsApp based events during the hard lockdown of 2020 to encourage knowledge sharing and skill Improvement while in isolation. We hope you join our next event. To stay plugged, follow our Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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