2k18 Team Get Together

January 10, 2018

When Wayne and I started THAT Network we pretty much just reached out to some of the people who's talent and work ethic we admired for the longest time, which ended up in us having a Network of Members who were all part of our brand but had never actually met.


In 2017 the support for one another and feeling of community and family within the Network became to strong that the team inspired me without even realizing it. Here was a group of people, who had no link to each other apart from THAT Network, their mutual relationships to us and the ideology that the way to grow the industry forward is by team work and supporting other people's success. This led to last week Saturday, 6 January 2018 when we hosted the first ever THAT Network get together, which we hope will become an annual event and evolve with the brand.


For a group of people who had never really met in real life, the energy was motivating to say the least. Some of the producers brought their original music and played their content for us, which led to the likes of M.ila and Postman L freestyling around the fire for most of the day. We had talks of family, friends, work and plans for this year and just took some time to get to know one another, beyond the computer screen. With technology as advanced as we have it these days, working via email and FaceTime calls have become the norm, but there are times when spending time with people can ignite an energy that just can't be found online.


Here's some of what went down at the first ever Annual THAT Network Get Together...


 If you'd like to see more of the photos or you're interested in joining the Network, feel free to follow us on all social platforms and reach out! Our links are in the header above :)


Have a wonderful day!









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