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January 16, 2018

We thought we’d share with you some of what can be expected from a few of our Members within the next few weeks...


SKAM has always been one of the most versatile DJs the Mother City has to offer, from his ability to switch between genres to his technical skills behind the decks, which makes it no surprise that he’s starting to dabble in production, and I use the word “starting” lightly. After releasing his first ever track, titled “Mood” last Friday, it’s clear that SKAM has been flexing his production skills in private… Because this track is not exactly armature. Staying true to his love for deep melodic house music, hopefully this one will get you in the Mood… 


PS: Keep an eye out for SKAM’s first EP, releasing on 28 February 2017. 


 2. Aaliya



Fresh out of high school, Aaliya Dramat is only just beginning to find herself as an artist, but has however, completed a series of paintings during her school career which don't only show off her talent and the direction she's going but will also soon all become available for sale on our website. Here are some of the photos we took with her just last week… 



3. Two Point Owe

Mid last year Two Point started a series of Facebook videos called Sunday Beat Cooking, which comprised of him finding a sample, chopping it up, adding the drums and arranging the beat, all while streaming live on Facebook. We’re proud to announce that the first album we’ll be releasing this year, will be “Sunday Beat Cooking: Season One”. A Beat Tape which will feature all the beats Two Point Owe cooked up on those many Sundays. Here’s a lil sneak peek into what you can expect…

Release date: 7 February 2018



Remember to follow us on social media to keep up to date with what our other members have got going…



And check back every Wednesday for new blog posts.





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