S H A P I N G   T H E   C R E A T I V E   I N D U S T R Y

THAT Network strives to revolutionise the creative industry by challenging the status quo and bridging the gap between creative professionals, the people who use their services and relevant stakeholders.


THAT Network is an agency styled Network which aims to bridge the gap between creative professionals and the companies, brands and individuals who need them. Our company is not only based on providing a well-rounded, efficient, service but is also actively working towards constructing a sustainable creative industry by taking the time to mentor and uplift artists who want to turn their talent into careers. We believe this can be done by introducing industries outside of the creative pool to services providers they may have never known, while also facilitating these working relationships to ensure top quality product and service delivery.

At the moment, we’re able to offer the following services: music production, graphic design, creative writing, graffiti art, dance, office and home murals, illustration, DJing, photography, videography and content creation, influencer campaigns, live entertainment and MC’ing.


Not only are we able to save you time by offering such a vast variety of services, all in one place, but we also ensure that we carefully understand your position in terms of project needs, goals, financial limitations and brand identity. With this information, we then pair you up with the creative individual who best suits your specifications and matches what you’re trying to achieve. Throughout projects, we regularly touch base with both the client and our Network Members’ to ensure that both parties are always taken care of and that transparency is maintained.



how we can help you

We ensure the comfort and hassle-free time of only working with ONE service provider while still having the benefit of scouting for quotes from many.


THAT Network is passionate about shaping the creative industry. We want to revolutionize the way things are done and, how creatives are viewed and found. Based in Cape Town, the creative capital of South Africa, we noticed that there’s a large number of hungry and passionate people who have the talent but don’t know how to get the work and an equally large amount of people/companies who need creative services, but don’t know where to find someone who offers a the quality required, at the budget available. We created this Network to fill this communication void, and in turn, we’ll end up contributing to a more well-rounded industry and happier clients.

It’s our mission to ignite change & revolutionize the way that creative people are found, supported and communicated to, while also educating clients about the culture, mindset and work flow of artists in South Africa.